Featured Tiny House Builders
Tour tiny homes by these local and national builders and more!

Based on California's central coast, this tiny house builder utilizes unique space-expanding slideouts to add width to the space once it is parked, making them a very livable, comfortable option.

Based in Salem, Oregon, Tiny Mountain Houses has custom and standard models to suit your tiny lifestyle. Their company is known for building with craftsmanship, comfort and affordability in mind.

Humble Hand Craft's philosophy starts with an attempt at full circle sustainability in building. Given the exploitation of resources in the world today, they are partaking in the new wave of conscious building and business practices. By salvaging re-claimed materials and harnessing solar energy, they minimize our carbon footprint while still...

Modular Lifestyles has a range of tiny homes and park models to suit different needs--from an accessible ADA backyard home, to a smaller very towable unit, and tiny homes designed for sharing to make it even more affordable, they are responding to market needs as they change with very efficient, cost-effective housing options.

Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, Elevation Tiny Homes is a labor of love for its owners. They focus on quality construction and customizing to meet their customer's needs. Opening the door to a new tiny lifestyle for more people is their mission and their joy.

Far Out Tiny Homes is a NOAH Certified builder who believes that tiny house living can give people the opportunity to experience more by owning less! With a fun, creative approach to their house designs, Far Out Tiny Homes are colorful, enchanting and ready to win your heart.

Swoop Tiny Homes: "Each tiny home we build utilizes a unique combination of wood and steel. We custom make each home to your specification so you can get exactly what you are looking for in size, amenities and cost. We've been featured on the DIY Network show Tiny House Big Living. If you watch that episode you will notice that...

Cozy Rollers


Based in Georgia, the adventurous couple behind Cozy Rollers Tiny Homes has been living in their expo model for four months, driving the American west to tiny house festivals with their four-legged mascot. Come meet them and ask how they like life on the road in their cool tiny home!

Tiny House Tool's owners believe that tiny house living can be a tool to free people from the burden of excessive housing costs. Their efficient, small homes are crafted with care and love, with an eye to the budget, to provide maximum value for your housing dollar.