People Seeking Rooms
Have a room to share? These pre-screened local residents are seeking rooms and might be a good match for you and your space. Call us to learn more: (805) 215-5474

Seeker 36

Community-minded woman with small dog and cat

Senior woman, social justice activist, experienced with co-housing, seeks room in SLO, Los Osos or Morro Bay with few or no stairs. Prefers female who cooks. Enjoys reading, gardening, walking the dog.

Seeker 22

Quiet, Thoughtful Woman, No Pets, Non-Smoker

Quiet, community-minded woman seeks homeshare in SLO. Works part-time, enjoys reading and visits with friends. Would prefer private bath and use of kitchen, but kitchenette could work. Very clean and respectful. Looking for home where television sound doesn't impact her space. Scent-sensitive.

Seeker 23

Healthy and Focused Single Man

Homeshare Match in Progress

Goal-oriented man, 40, seeks sanctuary in SLO or Los Osos. No pets, non-smoker. Shared kitchen preferred, some outside space a plus. Very considerate, expects the same. Seeking friendly housemate who respects privacy. 

Seeker 24

Active, Thoughtful Woman with Two Beloved Well-Behaved Dogs

This seeker is looking for a sanctuary in a quiet, tidy home preferably on the coast or in SLO. Dogs are indoor/outdoor, quiet and well-trained.

Seeker 25

Mature, Professional Woman Seeks Studio in SLO

Very clean and quiet local woman seeks unfurnished private space, preferably with separate entrance, full-sized fridge. Willing to pay for upscale quality space.

Seeker 26

Graduate Student, Male, with Dog

Very focused, quiet graduate student with teaching duties seeks low-key room with shared kitchen. Loves to cook. Dog is 55 lb, well-behaved. Prefers SLO or 5 Cities.

Seeker 27

Agricultural Worker, Female

Single woman, likes to cook, seeking room in North County. Minimal English, Spanish speaker.

Seeker 28

Vibrant Single Senior with Adorable Dog

Upbeat single senior woman with retriever mix love-bug dog seeks room with shared kitchen. Loves to cook, responsible, clean.

Seeker 29

Easy-going, Flexible Single Senior Woman

Looking for space to share, companionship, in Morro Bay or other coastal town. Clean, quiet.

Seeker 30

Single Senior Woman, No Pets

Homeshare Match in Progress

Quiet, thoughtful single senior woman looking for larger private bed and bath in SLO, Morro Bay or Los Osos. Would like to bring her own bed. Enjoys reading, travel, nature.

Seeker 31

Single Senior Woman New to Area

Homeshare Match in Progress

No pets, no smoke, scent & chemical sensitive. Experienced homesharer prefers private bath, okay with pets, enjoys reading, gardening, music, hiking. Seeking home in SLO.

Seeker 32

Super Tidy Senior Woman

Homeshare Match in Progress

Single senior woman, outside smoker, with two desert tortoises that need fenced yard (not diggers). Experienced homesharer, great sense of humor, VERY tidy.

Seeker 33

Tidy, Responsible Senior Woman

No pets, no smoke, quiet senior woman seeks private bed and bath in Morro Bay or Cayucos, prefer with some view. Smart, capable, experienced homesharer enjoys yoga, visiting her horse, gardening, dance, movies, plays.

Seeker 34

Quiet, Health-Oriented Woman

Single woman, very chemical and scent sensitive, seeks clean, private environment to pursue studies. Prefers more private space, shared kitchen okay, in SLO or 5 Citites. No pets please. Enjoys the outdoors--walking in nature, the ocean, reading.

Seeker 35

Friendly Senior Woman

Easy-going senior woman seeking room, shared bath okay, in quiet home. Happy to share meals and other activities. Few to no stairs in Los Osos or SLO preferred, close to transit stop. Enjoys gardening, crochet, board games.